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Top 5 Best HGH Supplements – The Ones That REALLY Work!

5 Best HGH Supplements of 2021 – Quick View

1. HyperGH 14x5.0Current PriceSee Details
2. GenF20 Plus4.9Current PriceSee Details
3. HGH X24.8Current PriceSee Details
4. Provacyl4.8Current PriceSee Details
5. GenFX4.8Current PriceSee Details

Why You Cannot Escape Your Diminishing Levels of Growth Hormone!

Top HGH Supplements

Current research has shown the direct beneficial influence HGH has on numerous bodily processes. HGH is secreted by the pituitary gland during sleep and contributes to the body’s immune  system, tissue repair, cell replication, and bone health.

But by the time you’re in your 60’s, your overall HGH levels will be typically around fifty percent of what they were when you were 20.

As a result of having such lower production of HGH, you’ll almost certainly have far less stamina, increased body fat, longer healing time, and weakened immunity.

Although HGH production diminishes as you age, it is possible to enhance your production of HGH  in a natural way by making certain positive lifestyle changes.


HGH can be naturally restored in three basic ways:

  • Physical Fitness Working out on a regular basis will  gradually lead to a natural increase of growth hormone production.
  • HGH-Boosting Foods – There are certain foods containing high levels of amino acids, such as arginine, lysine, and ornithine that can encourage the natural production of HGH.
  • HGH Supplements Supplements designed to provide all the advantages of having increased levels HGH without  negative side effects, since HGH supplements are 100% natural. You experience many of the benefits HGH injections provide with none of the negative effects associated with these treatments.

Why Use HGH Supplements?

An increasing number of people are turning to all-natural HGH supplementation to reap the benefits of growth hormone for increasing muscle mass, burning fat, and shaving years off their appearance.

One reason for this is due to the potential health risks associated with physician-administered HGH injections. Not only can these treatments involve expensive and inconvenient doctor visits, but there are many negative side-effects that can be experienced by the individuals being treated.

As we’ve seen, HGH declines after reaching a certain age. This is logical, since the primary function of HGH is for growth and development. When we finally reach adulthood, your height and sex-defining attributes have already been fully developed.

Even so, this decrease in the production of HGH is connected to many of the symptoms of aging. Hypodermic injections and synthetic supplements will definitely supply the body with additional HGH, but natural supplements are a far safer, cheaper, and more convenient way to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more HGH.

HGH is able to be produced and secreted by the pituitary gland in a far easier way when specific ingredients have been included in these supplements’ formulation. The active components should additionally be in a form that’s easily absorbed by the body and used in adequate dosages in order to make certain that you’re getting the most effective results possible.

Best HGH Supplements
Using the right HGH supplements can help to dramatically reverse the aging process.

How We Determine the Best HGH Supplements

The goal at Nutritional Supplements Directory is to lead you through the complex process of determining which HGH supplements actually work.

Our intention is to assist you with choosing a safe and effective HGH supplement to elevate your HGH production naturally – so you won’t ever have to experience the unpleasant side effects that come with HGH injections.

After investigating several of the most popular products, we created this overview of the top HGH Supplements which were graded on the following 10 criteria:

  • How effective is the product?
  • How quickly does it work?
  • Are the ingredients and formula high-quality?
  • Is the product safe?
  • How easy is it to use?
  • Is it worth the price?
  • Does the company offer a satisfaction guarantee?
  • Are there any discounts available?
  • Does the product have a high number of repeat customers?
  • How reliable is the customer service?

These are questions you should be asking yourself when deciding which HGH supplement to use – or any other nutritional supplement for that matter.

Our List of the Top 5 Best-Ranked HGH Supplements

#1. HyperGH14x

HyperGH 14x pills box and spray bottle


HyperGH14x is the most potent and most powerful natural HGH supplement system we’ve ever tested, allowing you to reach your limits in HGH production. As such, it’s perfect for athletes and bodybuilders.

And because it’s formulated with 15 completely all-natural growth hormone precursors, there are no safety issues or negative side-effects associated with its use.

Additionally, HyperGH 14x was one of only two supplements evaluated that consists of both a daily supplement pill PLUS an oral spray, both of which have been verified by independent, double-blind scientific research.

HyperGH14x is an advanced HGH supplement designed not only to increase lean muscle mass and stimulate fat loss, but also to deliver an all-natural energy boost so you can push yourself harder at the gym while simultaneously allowing your body to recover from exercise quickly.

For that reason you can work out harder AND more often, seeing results much faster than you have before – in muscle size, strength, and athletic performance. For the average person just wanting to combat the symptoms of aging, this product may prove to be too strong (if that’s you, we recommend GenF20 Plus, below).

However, if your goal is to see huge gains in muscle mass and athletic performance, you will be thrilled at the results you can get from HyperGH 14x.

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#2. GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus tablets box and spray bottle on white background


GenF20 Plus is our top pick for those who need an HGH supplement primarily for its anti-aging benefits, due to the fact that it has the greatest rate of success while delivering remarkable results for each and every individual we surveyed who had used it.

Our findings show that its high success rate is directly linked to its cutting edge formula, which includes a far greater dose compared to many of the other supplements we evaluated.

Like HyperGH 14x, the GenF20 Plus system works by using both pills and an oral spray. The result of using this type of two-pronged approach is a hyper-efficient absorption of ingredients that inevitably leads to age-reversing biological changes in the body.

Add to this the great overall value in price, the discount packages available, and an amazing 67-day money-back guarantee, GenF20 Plus is the obvious choice for both physical fitness, fat reduction, and anti-aging benefits.

For a more in-depth look, be sure to check out my full GenF20 Plus review.

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#3. HGH X2



HGH-X2 is without a doubt one of the most effective HGH supplements we’ve seen! It can optimize physical performance, boost energy levels, and improve libido and sex drive. Some evidence suggests that it can also roll back the biological clock as a result of its anti-aging properties!

With essential active ingredients like mucuna pruriens extract, crucial amino acids, maca root, and more, HGH-X2 has proven to be a safe yet potent alternative to HGH injections. The powerful natural components are 100% risk-free and completely legal. For many users, HGH-X2 is their secret to a more youthful appearance and vitality!

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#4. Provacyl



Provacyl is designed specifically for men, not only as an effective HGH supplement, but also as a testosterone support supplement. By targeting both human growth hormone and testosterone production, Provacyl provides amazing results by  enhancing your physical fitness, sexual performance, and mental and emotional well-being.

You’ll notice a variety of natural ingredients used in Provacyl that help correct the initial negative symptoms that men begin to experience as they age.

These include D-aspartic acid, ZMA, ginkgo biloba, l-arginine, muira pauma and swedish flower pollen, among others, all of which help to deliver more energy, improve memory, boost sex drive, encourage fat loss, and increase muscle mass, bone density, and metabolism.

Men who are feeling the effects of aging creep up on them should seriously consider using a product like Provacyl. It works amazingly well to correct decreased HGH and testosterone levels, and the often disheartening and embarrassing effects associated with it.

Although not necessary for results, we have noticed that this supplement works especially well for men who use it in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan. In fact, this combination has the potential to be nothing short of life-changing for those willing to do so.

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#5. GenFX



GenFX is a potent and effective HGH supplement, and many of you may have already noticed that it’s been growing in popularity since entering the market.

Even though there has been very little marketing and advertising for this HGH supplement, it’s no surprise that this product is quickly becoming so popular in the anti-aging industry, given that it was recommended by cosmetic surgeon and certified obstetrician Dr. Dave David, as well as Dr. Karen Vieira, who has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences.

GenFX can support healthy growth hormone production and reduce the symptoms associated with low levels of HGH, like weight gain, loss of libido, sagging skin, reduced muscle tone, wrinkles, memory loss, difficulty sleeping, osteoporosis, and much more.

We have also noted an extremely high customer satisfaction rate, with the overwhelming majority of users reporting having benefited from using the product. Additionally, many individuals using GenFX have noticed results in as little as 10 days, but to experience the full effects it’s recommended to consistently use the supplement for a full three months.

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HGH Supplement FAQ

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of HGH supplements.

Are These HGH Supplements Safe?

The majority of HGH supplements currently available are made up completely natural ingredients and contain absolutely no steroids or dangerous chemicals. Even so, just because a product is labeled as “all natural” doesn’t necessarily make it “risk-free”.

That said, when taken according to the manufacturer’s directions, most HGH supplements will be perfectly safe to take and pose no serious health risks.

Aren’t HGH Supplements Only For Bodybuilders and Athletes?

It’s no secret that bodybuilders and sports professionals have long used illegal HGH injections and natural supplements alike, and for obvious reasons: increased growth hormone is linked to boosts in muscle growth, bone health, healing and recovery, strength and stamina, and much more.

For these same reasons, products that target HGH production are also marketed as anti-aging supplements. You don’t have to be Mr. or Ms. Olympia, or a professional football player, to benefit from improved muscle tone, bone density, joint health, skin appearance, sleep, etc.

So, no – these supplements aren’t just for bodybuilders and athletes, but are for anyone who wants to restore youthful vitality and appearance.

Are These HGH Supplements Guaranteed to Work?

Absolutely. As part of our HGH supplement review process, we require that all products reviewed are backed by a valid refund and return policy from the manufacturer. Each of the supplements we assess has been guaranteed to work as advertised by the manufacturer or you will be able to return the packaging and/or unused portions for a full refund.

What Kind of Ingredients Are Used in HGH Supplements?

Supplement formulations are available in numerous combinations of ingredients, dosages, and types, but only those made with proven ingredients can actually trigger the natural secretion of HGH.

  • Alpha GPC – Provides the body with a far greater ability to produce HGH.
  • GABA – Increases HGH production while also encouraging a deeper sleep, which is crucial for the manufacture of HGH.
  • Glycine – Encourages the essential production of protein and improves cognitive function.
  • L-Arginine – Works to enhance libido and sexual function, and also maintains healthy muscle tissue and function.
  • L-Dopa – Improves sexual function, mental alertness, motivation, and sleep.
  • L-Glutamine – Increases the body’s metabolic rate and enables a better distribution of HGH.
  • L-Isoleucine – Helps heal injuries and quickly builds muscular tissue.
  • L-Tyrosine – Has the ability to help regulate mood swings.

By using the blend of these ingredients, effective supplements can trigger the natural secretion of HGH, letting you to experience much better sleep, and enhance your capacity to add muscle mass as well as achieving a far greater metabolic rate.

A major reason why most people steer clear of HGH injections is because of the potential for harmful side effects. Due to the manner in which all-natural supplements work in your body, there is the possibility for some side-effects also.

Are There Any Potential Side-Effects?

Generally, when taken as indicated, no. The ingredients included are all-natural and have not demonstrated any harmful or adverse effects in the majority of users.

However, whenever there is a rapid increase in HGH production, it is possible for a some individuals to expedience certain side-effects as a result of this abrupt change, even when the increase is induced naturally.

Obviously, these effects can be especially severe when taking doctor-prescribed HGH injections, but some responses can still be experienced when using natural supplements.

The majority of these side-effects are mild and temporary, and include symptoms like moodiness and acne, but they’re minor compared to the potential side-effects from taking synthetic injections.

Obviously, it’s vital to ensure that you’re using supplements that are reputable, have the correct quantities of active ingredients, and are taken orally instead of intravenously. And by getting the OK from your personal physician beforehand, you can rest assured that you’ll be utilizing your HGH supplementation in the safest possible manner.

Does Using HGH Supplements Cause Weight Gain?

To the contrary, weight loss is experienced far more frequently than any weight gain. Scientific research has shown that increases in HGH lead to a reduction in body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.

Can Younger People Take HGH supplements?

It’s recommended that those under the age of 18 avoid using HGH supplements. For one reason, growth hormone production is at its peak during these years, and any supplement taken at this time will likely not produce much results, if any.

But by the time you’re 30 years old,  your HGH production is reduced to only one third of what it was at age 18. Therefore, HGH supplements will be far more effective when used by individuals of approximately 30 years of age and up.

Are the Benefits of HGH Supplements Long-Term?

As we’ve discussed, HGH production inevitably decreases over time and no supplement can offer permanent results. As a result, when you stop taking an HGH supplement, your body will gradually revert back to its previous levels.

Because of this, most manufacturers of HGH supplements suggest some form upkeep dosage once the positive benefits are obtained.

Should Nursing or Pregnant Mothers Take HGH Supplements?

It is recommended that women who are pregnant or nursing not use any herbal supplements or medicine without seeking advice from a qualified healthcare specialist first.

Is it Possible to Increase HGH Production Even More By Taking Higher Doses?

It is definitely not advisable to take more than the manufacturer’s recommended dosage. Although some ingredients are extremely safe when taken in smaller doses, they can actually be quite hazardous when taken in excessive quantities.

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